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Consequences & Disadvantages Of Digital Technology

Many individuals find themselves consumed by digital technology-no matter the form, and/or outlet of their choice. Yet even as a wide range of technology poses as beneficial, it can be just as dangerous if one is not careful with the way in which he/she uses it, and how much he/she subjects himself/herself to. Oftentimes, many will use the internet to their advantage whether it be for educational purposes, to access important news-both worldly and local-and/or to engage in work related communication/research. Consequently, disadvantages pose a threat all the same coming in the form of carelessness and anonymity.

For, many use the internet selfishly, with little care as to how their actions may affect others. The prime reason for such revolves around the simple fact that the internet allows individuals the ability to create several accounts. As a result, some will register and create multiple fake accounts and act recklessly because there is little possibility for their real identity to be disclosed. In turn, many find it a whole lot easier to speak openly to and about others-no matter whether it be genuine or insulting-when they are behind an anonymous account.

However, anonymity isn’t possible through just the internet, but through other forms of digital technology as well, such as television. This can be seen through the MTV show titled, Catfish which “follows the journey of couples who have formed an online relationship but have never met in person”. It is through such that we see the extent to which people will go in order to keep themselves anonymous if they don’t feel comfortable revealing their true selves. But, in some episodes, the ones who do aren’t all who they’re cracked up to be. Some are in fact the exact opposite not only physically, but in that of their personality, as their motives are the complete opposite of what they had said they were. In turn, this shows the severe consequence-and degree-to which people will go to remain anonymous, and not face the consequence of their own actions.

In conclusion, anonymity can pose as a mask for those who intend to do harm to others-whether it be through verbally attacking them, and other such things. Or it can be a way out for those who are just shy, and/or who struggle with social anxiety, as it allows them to be able to interact/engage with others within the comfort of their own home. However, no matter the motive or situation such circumstances can be unhealthy for one’s mental health, as well as physical health, if they continue to hide behind a facade, rather than being true to themselves. For, nobody can be you, better than you can be you. Therefore, embrace it, in real life, as well as behind the screen.