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Obsession With Digital Communication

digital communication obsessionWhen someone is obsessed with digital communication, they are constantly on a digital communication device sending, awaiting and receiving some kind of communication. This may be public communication, such as articles, blogs, press releases or social media sites, or personal communication, such as any form of private message. This phenomenon developed over recent years with the emergence of personal communication devices. Decades ago, everyone was adjusted to the fact that communication was not instant, but in modern times, it is very common to see a person behaving in a manic or addicted way toward their communication device, putting too much importance on the communication that comes through it.

There have been many studies into why people cannot seem to put down their phones, tablets, computers and other communications devices. Some of the more widely circulated and credible ideas about our modern digital communication obsession are:

  • “Staying connected.” Most people attribute their needy behavior toward their communication device to not wanting to fall out of sync with the world by missing out on breaking news stories, current events, social network gossip or personal communication.
  • “Fear of being alone.” A possible cause for an obsession with digital communication is not being able to be alone with one’s thoughts. In the past, this was primarily expressed through in person or phone communication, but modern digital communication devices can give the same feeling of communication despite being more removed.
  • “Demanding entertainment.” Modern generations are raised with fast commercials, invasive advertising, short sentences in reading assignments and general media bombardment. It is no wonder that boredom can set in more rapidly than it used to, turning people obsessively toward their personal communication devices.
  • “Fragmented and broken social abilities.” A very commonly cited psych opinion of digital communication obsession is that the value on in person communication and relationship abilities is dwindling and being replaced with the more secondhand version of communication and relationships that is digital communication.