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The Negative Effects of Internet Addiction


Over the years, internet addiction has grown to become a source of concern. The term “Internet Addiction Disorder” has become a source of debate among leading psychiatrists in America due to the technicality of the condition.

Internet Addiction is also known as “compulsive computer use” or “pathological internet use”, it is classified as an obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Some negative effects of this disorder are what we will explore in this article.

Negative Effects of Internet Addiction

  • Physical Effects

The compulsive use of the internet can have very harmful effects on the body due to the continual exposure of the body to unhealthy conditions.

Some physical effect internet addiction has on the body include eye problems due to exposure of the eyes to lights from the screen. Other effects include body aches from sitting or maintaining a particular posture. People who have this disorder sometimes suffer insomnia due to sleep deprivation.  

  • Emotional Effects

Compulsive computer use also affects emotional health. People who are addicted to the internet suffer from things like anxiety and depression.

Internet addiction manifests through online sex addiction, online gambling addiction, compulsive shopping habits, and compulsive online dating. They often suffer frequent mood swings, anxiety, and depression. These things are detrimental to the emotional state of the individual affected. 

  • Social Effects

People who are compulsive users of the internet are very likely to be sociopathic. They tend to have poor people skills because they are in social isolation.

People addicted to internet usage can suffer from low self-esteem due to frequent exposure to standards they can’t meet.

They also develop bad habits like cyberbullying when they are frequently on the internet. People also suffer from cyberbullying which can cause emotional trauma when they’re internet addicts.


To solve the problem of internet addiction, habit changes have to be made. Such changes include setting internet usage restrictions on your device or turning off your phone at intervals. In more extreme cases, therapy will suffice.

Positive Side of Digital Communication


First, what is digital communication?

Digital communication refers to communicating via online media. It is the use of online tools such as websites, chat apps, social media, etc. by businesses to connect with customers, employees, prospective customers, and the public.

In recent times, corporate organizations have made intentional efforts to connect better with people via the internet as they encourage digital communication among the employees.

What are some positives of digital communication?

Positives of Digital Communication

  • It has Made Communication Faster 

Through the use of the internet, people can communicate faster. In workplaces, reports and memos are transmitted through emails. For companies with branches and subsidiaries in different geographical locations, communication is seamless and occurs in seconds.

Companies are also able to respond to their clients in short periods. They can pass across messages to the public in a matter of seconds via the internet.

  • Remote Work is now Feasible 

During the COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged the world in 2020, some businesses had to shut down while others had their staff work from home. Having staff work from home became a more practical solution for many big corporations.

Through resources like Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, etc. virtual communication is possible. Companies can hire the best talents from across the world without worrying about visas or travel restrictions. Employees can also work from their comfort zones and have more flexible schedules.

  • More Relatable Brand Persona

This is in the context of the company’s relationship with its customers. The presence of many popular brands on social media allows them to prop up a relatable brand character and in turn, brings more customers.

With the proper use of digital communication in relating with customers/prospective customers, the business can sell a character that is real and bring in more customers.

It was harder to do in the past when the only medium of communication was via newspapers and television.